Sheehy Auto Stores - Ripped Off At Sheehy Ford, Richmond, VA

Chester, Virginia 3 comments

I was supposed to get a family discount on a 2010 Escape since I have a family member working at Ford. The dealer made excuses that I did get a discount when the Excape went on sale, yet the dealer got over $1,300.00 from Ford Motor Co.

for my discount, but refused to give the discount to me. Due to my skin color ( White ), I was ripped off. Ford has encouraged their racial divirsity and discrimination. Please don't ever buy a Ford.

Black sales mgr.

did his thang! I hope Ford collapses soon due to dishonesty factor.

Review about: 2010 Ford Excape Xlt.


Aberdeen, Maryland, United States #1253842

Now you know how Blacks feel cause whites have been doing it to Blacks for years. You are getting a small taste of what you have been doing to us.

It's good, you need to know how it feels to get ripped off, doesn't feel so good does it. Hope it happens a lot more and maybe you will stop ripping off Black for no reason.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #600389

Honkeys dont get discounts

Bolsover, England, United Kingdom #177091

Well you didn't have to buy that car from them, did you. Why didn't you just walk away if you were not happy with the deal? It sure beats complaining about it afterwards

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